The Rotorua Wedding Affair

Sunday 10th Jun 2018

VR Rotorua Lake Resort


Terms and Conditions

1. Interpretation
1.1 In these Terms and Conditions: “Exhibitor” means the person, company or other organisation to whom space at the Show has been allocated by VR Group. “Show” means The Rotorua Wedding Affair. VR Group means VR Group 2011 Limited.
2. Allocation of Site Space
2.1 Application for site space at the Show must be made by completion of the VR Group application form. 2.2 The application form must specify the names of all persons representing the Exhibitor at the Show.
2.3 Applications will be dealt with in strict order of receipt.
2.4 VR Group may decline any application.
2.5 VR Group will allocate site space at the Show to the Exhibitor.
2.6 VR Group reserves the right to alter the floor plan of exhibits at the Show and/or relocate any Exhibitor before or during the Show.
3. Payment of Exhibitor Site
3.1 The fee for the site space shall be set out in the brochure of VR Group
3.2 Payment for the site space shall be made no later than 8 weeks prior to the date of the show.
3.3 Notice of cancellation must be given to VR Group in writing.
3.4 The deposit shall not be refundable nor is it transferable in the event of cancellation.
3.5 Any cancellation made within 3 weeks of the date of the Show shall incur an administration fee of $200.00 plus GST in addition to forfeiture of the deposit.
3.6 The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to occupy the site space until the fee has been paid in full.
3.7 In the event of non-payment of any monies due, and the subsequent handing over of the collection to a collection agency or attorney, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for all collection costs incurred.
3.8 All outstanding amounts shall bear interest of 2% per month from the due date until date of payment.
4. Set Up and Removal
4.1 The Exhibitor must set up the site space on the Saturday prior to the Show.
4.2 VR Group reserves the right to inspect and exclude any exhibit.
4.3 The site space must be used solely by the Exhibitor and may not be subleased, licensed or occupied by any other person, company or other organisation.
4.4 Dismantling of the site space and removal of all exhibits must be completed on the day of closure of the Show.
4.5 VR Group may remove and store the property of the Exhibitor not removed from the site space. The Exhibitor shall be liable for the cost of such removal and storage and any other costs incurred by Freestyle Events. Any such removal and storage will be at the risk of the Exhibitor.
5. Conduct of Exhibitor
5.1 No sign nor publicity or promotional material may be displayed by the Exhibitor outside the allocated site space of the Exhibitor.
5.2 The Exhibitor may not display or promote any business other than that of the Exhibitor.
5.3 The Exhibitor will comply with all instructions of Freestyle Events in relation to fire, health and safety.
5.4 The Exhibitor will not obstruct any aisles or common areas.
5.5 The Exhibitor will make good any damage to the building or fixtures of the Show venue caused by the Exhibitor or any of the Exhibitor’s agents or employees.
6. Risk
6.1 The Exhibitor shall insure all its exhibits and other property displayed at the Show.
6.2 VR Group shall not be liable for any claims for any loss, damage or theft of the Exhibitor’s property.
6.3 The Exhibitor indemnifies VR Group in respect of any and all claims arising from death, bodily injury or damage to property caused by, arising out of, or in any way connected with the participation of the Exhibitor at the Show.
6.4 All electrical items MUST be checked and tagged by a certified PAT tester.
7. Video
7.1 The Exhibitor authorises VR Group to take videos and photography of its exhibit at the Show. Such videos and photography will remain the property of VR Group & may be used for future promotional purposes in relation to the Show.
8. General
8.1 In the case of any disputes arising, whether provided for within these Terms and Conditions or not, the decision of VR Group shall be final.

Contact information

Rochelle - Event Manager - 027 626 3919

Rolando Lorila - Event Coordinator - 021 026 15040